Soundproofing at 7 Sapphire
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7 Sapphire is having a series of soundproofing treatments.  The walls is just one of several treatments being installed.  Other treatment are being applied to cupboards and doors, alongside a specialist treatment for the loft.

Soundproofing the Living, Dining and Front room party walls

Downstairs, the walls are being covered with 20mm of soundproofing rubber matting followed by 2 layers of Gyproc Soundproofing boards.  Specialised adhesives and filler are being used.  We also need tenants to help by NOT placing speakers against the wall and definitely NEVER nailing or screwing anything into the wall!

Here is a link to the specialist supplier: LINK

A large stack of M20 specialist soundproofing mats.  On at a time each is coated with a specialist impact adhesive, which itself complies with all Soundproofing standards.  The wall is also coated with the same adhesive and allowed to go "tacky".
The tile has to be pressed into place, with less than 10mm gap on any edge.  A specialist caulk will be used to fill the gaps in order to maintain the integrity of the sound "barrier".
Tiles go from floor to ceiling
The whole of the chimney breast is covered - sound travels up and down the chimney breast with little muting and thus can be heard in all connected rooms.  In semi-detached houses, this can be a real issue, especially if one or both have open chimney breasts
After a lot of work, the whole of the party-wall in the living room has been covered and caulked.  It is left for five days for the adhesive to harden before "sound-board" is put on.
Two layers (see picture) of Gyproc Sound-Board are attached using the same specialised adhesive and filler.  Avoiding the use of screws helps to maintain the integrity of the treatment. 

A word of warning - this is very heavy work and not for DIY'ers or anyone on their own...a definite 2-person job and both must be very strong.  Naturally, you will need qualified trades-people for electrical and gas fittings.  In this room, British Gas capped off the Gas supply to the wall fitted heater that was in the room and our local Electrician sorted out the wall-sockets.

The choice of this treatment will mean that 80% of most sounds will be blocked in either direction.  And the cost...well, the Living, Dining and Front rooms cost around 3k and there is more to do upstairs.

Plastering is a skilled job, for which we use skilled trades-people
The front room, plastered and ready for decorating (once the plaster has dried out)